Why Live With Glaucoma Eye Disease

Why Live With Glaucoma Eye Disease?

Glaucoma is horrible, imagine being diagnosed with a condition where the doctors suggest you might go blind. I freaked out when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy, that was bad enough. Imagine thinking you might even go blind. That would really hit a nerve! At the end of 2019 I took a trip to see an Uncle I hadn’t seen for a long, long time, it had been almost 4 years. This is when I discovered he had been diagnosed with Glaucoma and I learned what causes glaucoma eyes. But why live with Glaucoma Eye Disease? So what about CBD Oil or Hemp to help, I’ve seen a couple of things myself you know.


Why Live With Glaucoma Eye Disease


If you were diagnosed with Glaucoma, Wouldn’t you at least try to at least find out what causes glaucoma eyes and stop yourself going blind? It’s a disease that doesn’t hit you until late in life, it’s another that scientist and doctors just let slip under the radar and let happen to you.


Glaucoma is another one of those diseases, like Epilepsy, that uses medication to control, slowing down and not fixing properly, so a lot do actually go blind. The older you get the more regular check ups are required. With what I have learned about the power of Hemp, CBD and the Endocannabinoid system, I think there are possibilities there though. What do you think? I would love to have your comments. But read on and see what you think.


What Does Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil Mead


Also why not look at other options. There are some amazing, unbelievable possibilities in Hemp CBD you know. Not just for Glaucoma, but there are many other potentials there too.


Seeing My Uncle Again


We had both gotten a bit older, it had been 4 years. More of our hair had fallen out, both his and mine. Both of us had more wrinkles, probably because we’re not using enough moisturizer. My Auntie was still looking great, cooking beautiful dinners for my holiday there, looking after my Uncle well.


symptoms glaucoma eye diseaseI was really shocked to find my Uncles eyes were all fogged over, like a white misty haze. His eyes like this for a few days so I asked him? I didn’t know, but he had been diagnosed with Glaucoma. Oh, my jaw dropped, he had kept that quiet from me. He was on the medication, taking glaucoma eye drops and all that stuff.


My Uncle’s been a fully qualified builder all his life, fully active, out and about. Now in his 60s. Still working hard. Living with wife on their own lifestyle block in the country where they built their own huge house, themselves. Their son already moved out.


Too Young For Blindness!


Apparently Glaucoma can be a hereditary condition, passed on from parents to children. But my uncle can’t go blind, not yet! Not in his early 60s. His Dad’s just turned 90, Ninety! Lives on an even bigger block of land next to him. Granddad built his house in his 70s! (He’s still out there painting and chopping fire wood)


symptoms glaucoma eye diseaseAfter an explanation from the Uncle, my understand of what causes Glaucoma eyes and Glaucoma is, that the eye’s swell up from the pressure of the liquid inside the eyeball and the eyeball can’t remove the liquid as the channels get blocked. This swelling causes damage to the optic nerves in the eyes and if damage is done it can’t be reversed.


To help with this swelling a surgical procedure is used where they prick the eyeball with hundreds of little piercings to release the liquid directly out onto the eye through the eyeball. Yuck and Ouch!


I Had Discovered Hemp Oil


What is the Best CBD Oil to BuyOnce I discovered my Uncle had Glaucoma, out came my Hemp CBD Oil. I had brought it for the first time 5 weeks before. So I packed it in my suitcase taken it on the plane with me, on the trip. It was working so well I didn’t want to have a seizure.


Remember I was having Seizures every 3 weeks in clusters of 3 – 4 before this. (I had been seizure free at this stage for about 5 – 6 weeks.)

I told my Uncle all about it and how it has been helping my Epilepsy. The principles behind it, The human Endocannabinoid system and how it helps to restore homeostasis and balance in your body. Getting the cells to communicate. And we started putting it to use for him, testing it out.


He would only take it once a day though. Not morning, noon & night like suggested. The BIG THING is that after about 4 days, his foggy eyes disappeared! He mentioned he was sleeping better too, which always happens with Hemp CBD Oil.


Does No Foggy Eyes Mean Something?


The Hemp entourage effectI think he saw results. I’m not a doctor, but I think that having the fog disappear after about 4 days on Hemp CBD Oil shows that there is potential there? Perhaps if pressure is building the fog is caused by the liquid leaking out through all the little pin pricks.

Perhaps the CBD is creating better homeostasis to control the pressure build up better so that there is not so much fluid building up.  So No fog?* What’s your thoughts? I would love to hear what you think, below? (CBD even has potential with Stress.)


I am not a specialist or doctor so as always you should always consult your doctor with anything like this, especially with something as serious as Glaucoma.


People Are Pharmacy Conditioned.


I wrote some details in article on this a few months ago. People are scared of the pointy green leaf. They have been brought up to be conditioned to the set ways of governmental laws and Pharmaceutical giants. Thinking this is the only way and that’s it. I think my Uncle is in the same boat and generation. He saw it right in front of him. But won’t change, I think he’s still set in his old ways.

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After a couple of weeks I left my holiday and went home. After a couple of months I brought a $68 bottle of the Hemp Oil and sent it to him myself! I found out he still hadn’t taken action, procrastinating, mucking around with his sight!


I don’t want my Uncle to go Blind. Also, his wife doesn’t want him to go blind either. He seems to have accepted the fact that he’s got it and will just have to live with the Glaucoma eye disease. Conditioned to the system.


Truth About CBD Oil and Crona VirusLike most people who are stuck in the system, where Hemp has been given a bad reputation due to Marijuana, but they are both 2 different plants in the same family. There is so much potential in Hemp it might even be able to help you.


I’m going to check on my Uncle soon, but he never even used the oil to it’s full potential. Only once a day at night was not full potential. Yet I saw the fog disappear myself. Did he look in the mirror? Did he See?


The manufactures of Hemp CBD Oil brand I sent him, suggest 3 times a day. Starting on 3 tiny drops, Morning, Lunch and night. Moving up to 4 drops then 5 to see how you go. I have my Epilepsy controlled with 4 drops Morning and Night.


Can Doctors Help You.


A lot of Doctors aren’t allowed to say it’s good or do anything as there is not enough evidence or research yet. Or so they say. Plus it hasn’t been properly legalized in a lot of areas for Doctors to do anything anyway. So they are held back by the system.


CBD Oil And Epilepsy


Another reason people are scared of the pointy green leaf. My Doctor hasn’t officially prescribed it, so can’t, it’s a flat out no. It’s amazing how people can be so strongly held to the system, when there is a world of information out there now. You can research anything you want on the internet. That is why CBD is becoming more popular and they can’t hold it back any longer.


what about cbd oilAre the Pharmaceutical companies even trying to hold back the CBD industry as much as possible? Are they scared that as it grows more and more, the big Pharmaceutical companies will lose more money? What do you think?


The Endocannabinoid System Explained.


This is the key. This is the why, how and what makes Hemp CBD Oil so powerful. The reason why it has potentials. If you research it on the internet you will find lots of Doctors facts, statements, research and testimonials. I have a whole article on The Endocannabinoid System Explained.


I came across the Video below on YouTube where the Doctor explains it perfectly, where a lot of others simply don’t. “It turns out there are Cannabinoidal Receptors on the cell neurons going to work, to help strengthen the mesh” (if you want to jump straight to it, it’s at 1:30 on the Vid)


Today you don’t have to inhale and smoke Marijuana to get the Cannabinoids required. You can Obtain the CBD, Cannabinoids required in liquid format without high levels of THC. Then place droplets of the CBD oil under your tongue for quick easy absorption.


Check this video out… Dr. Aggarwal Explains That After Glaucoma Treatments Fail, Cannabis “Is The Only Thing That Keeps Them From Going Blind




Your Internal Cell Communication


what about cbd oil The endocannabinoid system and receptors the Doctor talks of in the Video, is the neuro cell communication system in everyone’s body. It is how our cells communicate with each other to help create homeostasis. Basically, keeping our bodies in balance, so when something goes wrong the cells will react to fix it.


If your cells don’t react properly, quickly or fast enough then problems can occur. Having CBD is like giving your cells a natural boost to get your cells communicating again to work more efficiently and better to get your body back into action.

It may not be a perfect or fix
for everything, as there will be past damage that can’t be fixed. But good working cells will fight as hard as they can to try to fix what ever they can. This makes sense doesn’t it? Comment below.


It Still Works For Me.


I am still happy and impressed with what Hemp CBD Oil has done for me. After going through a period of 5 years with multiple seizures every 3 weeks or so. That’s why Unlock Your Hemp Rewards exists today. To share the power and knowledge of Hemp and the Human Endocannabinoid system.


what about cbd oilAnti-epileptic medication has side effects, I’ve put a few to the test. I’m sure Glaucoma medication has side effects too. Have you ever thought of the possibilities of helping your body to restore homeostasis. Activating the Endocannabinoid system. It may not work for everyone, perhaps there has been a lot of damage.


I’ve halved my epilepsy medication, so I still have to take some of it. I’m not having any seizures though. If you would like to find out about some great Full Spectrum products, click here>


Thanks for reading today’s edition of Unlock Your Hemp Rewards, any comments or questions, please feel free to leave a comment below. Stay safe, live well and keep healthy.



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