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What Is The Best CBD Oil To Buy

What is the Best CBD Oil to BuyI was asked the question the other day…. “Everywhere I turn someone is trying to get me to purchase CBD Oil from them, but how does one choose which CBD Oil to purchase and from what company?” My answer was pretty lengthy so I thought would turn it into this article as CBD Oils can be expensive, some governments don’t subsidize them and there are are a few factors to consider. Like the Extraction Methods, What is in Hemp Oil or CBD Oil? It is an Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD? How does it effect your endocannabinoid system and will it help with creating The Entourage Effect.


So What is the Best CBD Oil to Buy? Or Which is the best CBD Oil to buy and From whom?


Which CBD Company do you choose for the best CBD Oil to Buy? How do you decide where to get it from, how much to pay and if it’s any good or not? You do have to be careful as there is a bit of competition out there, some selling very cheap oils with some selling over priced CBD Oils. Then there are some that are selling oils that don’t even state there is CBD in it, plus a lot more to consider as well.


First Factor – How is the Oil Processed?


This is how the CBD Oil or Hemp Oil is actually made. I wrote an article on What does “Full Spectrum” Cold Pressed, Hemp Seed Oil Actually Mean? a while ago as I am a believer in the “Cold Pressing Style” and then there is the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide methods to separate the CBD Oil. Any other method, in my opinion, is simply no good as it can damage the cannabinoids, not extract enough or in the right amounts or can lead to a funny aftertaste, especially solvents.


Scroll Down for the Video on: CO2 Extraction Process

best CBD Oil to buy


Co2, Supercritical Carbon Dioxide is the most expensive method, but has been deemed the most safest that extracts the highest quality. That’s why it’s important first of all to find out, when purchasing a CBD, to find out which extraction method the company uses as this can be a big indicator of the quality and value of the product to start with.

What Is Actually In The Oil?


This then leads to What is actually in the CBD Oil. A recent post went into details on What Is In Hemp Oil? The HEMP Entourage Effect Where you research if the Oil is an Isolate, or either a Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum CBD. (Or even High Range THC Full Spectrum CBD) Because the Hemp plant has over 100 Cannabinoids, Full Spectrum CBD’s are becoming more popular to help create what’s known as the Entourage Effect, where all the Cannabinoids are working in harmony to create a better working CBD Oil. For the Entourage Effect you also need to ask, Does the Oil also contain CBG, THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBL, CBND, CBE, CBT and variations of these types, plus also the Terpens.


Then there is also the carrier oil. What is the carrier oil? Some Companies put all sorts of things in the carrier oil to make it taste nice to do things to sell it, or even to save money. However, I am a great believer in keeping the Oil totally Hemp, again going back to using a cold pressed hemp seed oil as a carrier oil. Not something like MCT coconut or even Olive Oil as some companies use. With hemp seed oil it will taste like Hemp still, terpens will be included and it’s still Hemp all working together.

Certificates and Members of Associations?


Another factor that has influenced me when choosing a company and reviewing companies is do they have a certificate of authentication or do they belong to their countries Hemp associations. In other words do they have a watch dog, watching over them to make sure they are doing their job right?


One thing that usually comes with certificates is the certificate of analysis showing exactly how much of the cannabinoids are in the bottles that are being distributed. Which is great because you can then see that a lot of the authentic companies do actually have testing being carried out and they will show you how much of the various cannabinoids are in each bottle. Therefore, making a truly full spectrum hemp Oil.


What is the Best CBD Oil to Buy

Plus are the companies keen on teaching you and educating you on the benefits of Hemp? Some companies are just trying hard to sell. Where there are others out there that have a very serious educational system set up all about spreading the word, mainly on the human endocannabinoid system. These sorts of companies tend to be advanced also in teaching people in how to take the right amount of the product as you don’t want to be over doing it either.


What Is The Price Range?


Another big question is what about the price of CBD? A lot of it is still quite expensive. That is just basically because of market demand and processing quality. As mentioned supercritical carbon dioxide is fairly expensive so they have to compensate for that. If the product is cheep then you will be getting a low quality product.


However, I have found if you are paying over about $200 for a 30-50ml bottle that is simply too MUCH! Obviously the stronger the quality the more expensive, but at the end of the day you be the judge. I have found the average price range to be from $60 to about $190 for a quality and valued product and unfortunately there is not much you can do about that.




In conclusion, I have had my 30ml bottles last for about 40 days which is pretty good. CBD is for a boost to kick start your endocannabinoid system, amongst other things it helps to regulate and balance your whole system by getting your cells talking, communicating, with each other. By doing that one of the things it can help do is regulate your Immune system as well. To find out more I have a FREE report available at a recent article on “The Truth about CBD and the Corona Virus” all about How Cannabis Works in the Human Body and the Immune System.


Try Now Hemp OilI love it, I went from multi Seizure to Nothing! I know of lots of other people it has benefited as well. Keep doing the research and to find out where to buy some of the best CBD go too…. What is the BEST Full Spectrum CBD


But at the end of the day it’s up to you to research and choose what you thing will best suit your budget, standards and requirements. Do you want an Isolate or a full spectrum that will give you the Entourage effect? How strong would you like the oil to be as well? I am a believer that with supplementation you don’t want to over do it, in other words don’t take too much. You need to regulate how much you take. It’s like vitamin C for example, if you take too much of that you basically pee it all down the drain/toilet. These are the things you should seriously consider.


Well, thanks for reading, I hope this has helped you in your search for finding the right and best company that will suit your needs. Please feel free to leave a comment below.


To your health and well-being.



Whats is in Hemp Oil?

The Super Critical Carbon Dioxide

Extraction Process


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