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What Is In Hemp Oil? The HEMP Entourage Effect!

What Is In Hemp Oil? The HEMP Entourage Effect!We are in a Hemp revolution, it’s big news now and everyone has heard of CBD, for good reason too. With healing potential and helping with all sorts of things, assisting our human endocannabinoid system restore homeostasis and keeping it that way as a lot of people have lost the ability to produce their own cannabinoids efficiently. It certainly helped my Epilepsy, go from multi seizures to NOTHING! But WHY? What is in Hemp Oil? What’s CBD Oil and the Hemp Entourage Effect? Did you know that there is over 110 different kinds and types of cannabinoids in the Hemp plant along with a tiny, little bit of THC. Lets discover more….


On top of all the Cannabinoids, Hemp also contains a full range of Hemp Terpenes and Flavonoids all working together to bring you the Hemp Entourage Effect! NOW I have to warn you, When I mention Hemp Oil, I don’t mean the food kind of “Raw Hemp Seed Oil” that you can by at the supermarket, in a large bottle fairly cheaply, that in its self is a Hemp Revolution, an oil which is a full on powerhouse full of essential fatty acids, plant cholesterol, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

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Because of the way “Hemp Seed Oil” is made it doesn’t contain the Cannabinoids and Terpenes required to give it that extra boost in healing power required. It is still great for a healthy heart, inflammation and skin. In fact, it is similar to Fish Oil.


What I’m talking about is “Full Spectrum” Hemp Oil!


So what does “Full Spectrum” and “The Entourage Effect” mean? Firstly full spectrum means nothing has been left out, all the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and so on. This is what Full Spectrum means. It is the Hemp oil type that will really create the Hemp entourage effect! But only if it has been made the right way and with the right ingredients. To find out all the details of Full Spectrum click here to find out about the Full spectrum Hemp Oil and what all the words mean. Now, The exciting aspect the Entourage effect….


What Is Entourage Effect With CBD?

What Is In Hemp Oil? The HEMP Entourage Effect!

Simply put, the Hemp entourage effect, or CBD Oil entourage effect, is all the compounds from the plant working together synergistically to maximize the potential benefit on the body from those compounds. All the cannabinoids are all working together to help each other out to work better. This will help maximize the Full Spectrum CBD oil’s therapeutic effects, producing a stronger effect. It has to be “Full Spectrum” because an isolated CBD simply won’t do it as it only has the single isolated cannabinoid there to help.


This is the reason that it is important to research the type of product you are getting into, how it was made and what it was made from before you buy it. Plus there are various hemp plants used for the manufacture of the oil as well. The types used for making CBD oil have been specially bred to be very high in Cannabinoids. The Food industrial oil types of Hemp can be breed to contain not much at all. Usually there are 3 ways of obtaining a type cannabinoid supply for yourself:

  • Isolated CBD (Isolated doesn’t have the range of cannabinoids or Terpenes to create the entourage Effect.)
  • High Range THC, Full Spectrum CBD (A high amount of THC, you may get high & long term use may cause problems etc, made from Marijuana.)
  • Hemp Full Spectrum CBD (Low in THC which is untraceable because it’s Hemp, with all the cannabinoids & Terpenes included.)


What Is Entourage Effect With CBD


There is over 110 different Cannabinoids in Hemp, this includes CBG, THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBL, CBND, CBE, CBT and variations of these types.


People know about CBD, Cannabidiol and THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol. I’m not going to mention all 110 but CGB Cannabigerol is another big popular one in the group. To know what is cannabigerol acid, will fascinate you. It’s important because CBG is the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized. To me this means it’s the molecule that helps create all the other cannabinoids!


CBG benefits hemp oil humans

CGB is the “Bliss” molecule of the plant, it is the one that helps to boost anandamide. There is even talk of making CGB oil these days too? Huh? So why not leave it in your full spectrum hemp oil to create the entourage effect? So basically the goal of the entourage effect is to make you feel better, make you sleep better, fight off depression and make CBD work better synergistically together to help you and your endocannabinoid system restore homeostasis, or balance to help overcome any aliments you may be living with. HOWEVER,…… Then there are Terpenes……


What are hemp Terpenes?

what is the difference between cbd and hemp oil

Hemp is so powerful and great, I have mentioned the hemp side effects of the entourage effect, of why a full spectrum Hemp oil is important. But I haven’t even mentioned another very important factor. The importance of hemp Terpenes, As I mentioned in What does Full Spectrum Cold pressed hemp seed oil mean, Terpenes is basically the chemicals that create the “Smell” and coloring of the plant. The aromatic organic hydrocarbons found in many plants and even some insects. Some plants developed these terpenes to ward off herbivores that might eat them and to attract helpful predators and pollinators. That’s why some flowers smell so nice, to attract the bees for pollination. And if you’ve ever been around a Hemp plant when it’s in full flower, then you will know that it has a full on unique Terpenes and Hemp smell, that’s for sure.


When the terpenes are kept in the full spectrum Hemp Oil this helps boost the hemp entourage effect even MORE! This is because Terpenes even have powerful effects, it’s shown in aromatherapy oils! A lot of people know that there are a lot of aromatherapy or essential oils that can be beneficial for all sorts of conditions. So here they are being left in the full spectrum Hemp oil to again help create and boost the entourage effect!


What Are Hemp Terpenes For?


On their own the Terpene oils, other than Hemp, can also be quite powerful for helping ailments. There are however, 13 Top known Terpenes in Hemp. So What are hemp terpenes for? Out of the 13 the top 6 are:

  • Myrene also found in Hops, lemongrass and mangoes has an earthy fruity notes and analgestic antibacterial, anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-insomnia, anti psychotic, and antispasmodic effects. High-myrcene is good to help with pain-relief, insomnia, and general relaxation. Scientists are studying myrcene for its potential to block hepatic carcinogens and as a possible treatment for diabetes.
  • Limonene is a commonly used in household cleaners, because of its refreshing lemon scent. Citrus fruit plants, rosemary, and juniper create the limonene terpene to help repel insects. Used for a mood-lifting effect. CBD with high amounts of Limonene are for those looking for feelings of happiness and to boost concentration. Physicians in the medical cannabis community prescribe high-limonene strains for infections, mood-disorders, acid-reflux, and acne. It may even have the potential ability to help shrink cancer cells.
  • Linalool is contained in Up to 80% of commercial scented products. It’s a pleasant floral fragrance with hints of sweet citrus. Found in lavender plants, linalool is known for its sense of relaxing and calming qualities. Great for the treatment of stress, inflamed skin, and insomnia. Suggesting possible uses of
    linalool Terpenes for epilepsy and cancer treatment.
  • Pinene, the word comes as it is like a freshly cut Christmas tree. It’s one of the most common terpene in the family. For thousands of years, herbal healers have used pinene-containing plants like rosemary to improve mental focus. Scientific research attributes this phenomenon to the ability of pinene to stimulate the enzyme acetylcholinesterase (AChE). Additionally, pinene is a strong anti-microbial agent that has been shown to kill pathogens like Candida albicans and Staphylococcus aureus.
  • Beta-caryophyllene acts much like a cannabinoid. This terpene can directly affect the CB-2 receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Because of this ability, beta-caryophyllene shows promise in the treatment of various medical conditions like arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and gastrointestinal disorders. Studies have shown that beta-caryophyllene is a potent anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and a potential anti-depressant. It’s great for it’s uplifting and pain-relieving effects. This is usually the smell drug-sniffing dogs use to detect the smell of beta-caryophyllene to find marijuana.
  • Terpinolene is a common ingredient in perfumes and soaps, with its fragrance that is like a woody, floral, citrus type. This terpene has potent antifungal and antibiotic effects. Yet another Terpene where terpinolene’s has potential to aid with the treatment of cancer, heart issues, and other ailments. Plus terpinolene promotes a relaxing and calming effect. So it could be great for insomnia and anxiety.

What Are Hemp Terpenes

The Terpenes and Cannabinoids ALL Work Together.


There you have it. That’s what all the Hemp terpenes are for. Along with all the cannabinoids in the Hemp plant all working synergistly together to boost the power of the oil. Helping to add to the CBD Oils effects on bodies. Creating an entourage effect making the oil work even better, helping boost your endocannabinoid system so that your own system can work in harmony becoming more balanced. Creating a better state of homeostasis within yourself so that any ailments you may have can be combated by your own body with greater ease. It’s AMAZING. It’s working for me, I’ve said it before. My epileptic medication wasn’t working for almost 5 years having multi seizures all the time. Imagine what it can do for you too!


Here’s a short Doctors video on the understanding of cannabis Terpenes with CBD Oil why it’s important to have a full spectrum oil and the Hemp Entourage Effect.


Remember it has to be a “Full Spectrum” and it has to be made the right way. Which is why I am a great believer in the Cold pressing system. Now you know how some Full Spectrum oil may be able to help you. If you are wondering can you buy hemp oil? Click here for CBD & Hemp Reviews. The power of Hemp is HUGE, It has helped my Epilepsy, now controlling my seizures. Going from multi seizures to Nothing! So I love it. It’s an amazing journey of awesome learning and discovery, Unlock YOUR Hemp Rewards.
Thank you for reading.


To your health and well-being.



Whats is in Hemp Oil?


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  1. Very helpful post, really love it. I’m interested in finding out more about this product I even clicked the link and saved for future reference- I’m definitely trying it out and recommend it to few friend

    Thank you for the insight

    1. Hi Kedia, Thanks for the comment. I am in love with the Hemp Oil because it has fixed me epileptic seizures. But this is all because of the the effects it has on the human endocannabinoid system, which not many people know about. The whole world is going crazy on CBD now but you still have to be careful and have an understanding not to go overboard and I’ve looked into why it does what it does, the endocannabinoid system is active in everyone whether you have been associated with cannabis or not, it’s truly amazing what it can to and the results that could happen.

  2. This is a very well structured article, I learned many things about hemp, terpenes, and cannabinoids. Its amazing how you have used CBD oil to overcome Epileptic Seizures. You represent well, and inspire others through your own journey. Much success to you.

    1. Thanks Mikhail, I have been amazed with what the endocannabinoid system is and disappointed in the fact that I have had to put up with seizures for almost 5 years when no medication would work. Now I want to spread the great news to Unlock Your hemp rewards.

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