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What Is Hemp Or CBD Oil?

What is Hemp or CBD OilEver wondered “What is Hemp or CBD Oil?” What is all the fuss about? Why is the world going crazy over this stuff called CBD? Or have you even wondered what is a good CBD Oil to Buy? Well you have come to the right place. I want to help you uncover what Hemp is, What CBD is, Why and how CBD Oil works and find out what is in Hemp Oil, because CBD Oil is here, getting more and more popular so there must be something good about it. It’s done something for me and my Epilepsy too.


Reading this will help you decide what type of oil you would like to choose for yourself, answering all your questions about hemp oil. Plus you can look up previous articles on how hemp or CBD oil is made, showing the best way it should be made, including Expectations, standards, Videos and more. (See below for the Video on What’s all the buzz about CBD) Enjoy.


It’s because of my Epilepsy that I discovered Hemp in CBD Oil and what all the fuss is about, my pharmaceutical medication stopped working and it upset me and put me in some predicaments I didn’t like. It wasn’t until 5 years of seizures later I discovered the power of hemp, so here I am ready to Unlock Your Hemp Rewards. To help you uncover and decide, What is the best CBD Oil on the market. So…..


What Is Hemp Or CBD Oil?


What Does Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil MeadWell I can tell you straight away the Hemp is NOT Marijuana. Why? What’s the difference between Hemp and Marijuana? To start with Hemp doesn’t have anywhere near as much THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol, the main psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives the high sensation.


Hemp has higher concentrations of CBD and strict limits on THC, with less than 0.3% THC levels. Where Marijuana has higher levels of THC ranging from 0.4% up to 25%! An easy way to look at it is the THC levels in Hemp are SO LOW you could smoke a whole field and you still wouldn’t get high.


The term ‘Hemp’ also usually refers to the industrial/commercial use of all the plant, such as the stalk, stems, seed and flowers used for textiles, foods, papers, body care products, detergents, plastics and building materials, food Oils and CBD Oils. Wow all that! It’s incredibly versatile.


The Truth About CBD and Corona VirusThere are a few more differences between Hemp and Marijuana and a lot can be done with Hemp but that is for a future discussion and update coming soon.


However, Hemp and Marijuana are both in the same cannabis family with similar leaves, similar smell and similar look, that’s why they were both banned and made illegal, therefore because of that people have become scared of the pointy green leaf and closed off to its possible powers of what’s in Hemp….. CBD or Cannabidiol.


What About CBD Hemp Oil?

CBD, Cannabidiol! It’s all the rage these days, now with the power of the internet the pharmaceutical industry cannot hold it back any longer. But Why? Well Epileptics like myself have known of the power for years, although I was a bit slow in putting it to use, having to put up with pharmaceuticals for 5 years of seizures.


However, CBD can help A LOT of things and that is what people are now starting to realize. Have a look at, ‘What CBD Oil is good for’.


What is the Best CBD Oil to BuyCBD, known as cannabidiol is the main potent cannabidiol in Hemp, what a lot of people don’t know is that there is more that simply one Cannabidiol in Hemp. In fact there is over 110 Cannabidiols, of various types classed as CBG, THC, CBD, CBC, CBN, CBL, CBND, CBE, CBT and variations of these types.


People know about CBD, Cannabidiol and THC, Tetrahydrocannabinol. I’m not going to mention all 110. CGB Cannabigerol is the next big popular one in the group. This is because Cannabigerol is extremely important, it will fascinate you as CBG is the parent molecule from which other Cannabidiols are synthesized. To me this means it’s the molecule that helps create all the other Cannabidiols!


CGB is the “Bliss” molecule of the plant, it is the one that helps to boost anandamide. There is even talk of making CGB oil these days too? Huh? So why not leave it in your full spectrum hemp oil to create the entourage effect?


CBD Oil Type, Isolate or Full Spectrum?


So with all this information on CBD and all the various cannabidiols which type is better? Or what is available? Well there are 2 main types of CBD oil available now Isolate or Full Spectrum. It’s also important to note that the way the Oil is extracted from the plant is also important to take into consideration, with a previous article explaining the process’s with what and how the best process’s are for extraction, explaining cold pressing and the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide methods to separate the CBD Oil. Found at… What is the Best CBD to Buy.


What Is Entourage Effect With CBD

CBD Isolate – Is basically the processing of CBD taking all the other Cannabidiols, Terpenes and Flavonoids. Then the processed CBD is put into a carrier oil such as MCT, a refined coconut oil. This is done to create a pharmaceutical grade CBD and the technique was created for a couple of reasons. Firstly, so that the pharmaceutical industry can control the substance and have a patent over it. Then Secondly so that the product will have a very precise distributing accuracy with the quantity.


With isolate these days marketers and companies have come up with fancy techniques of adding bits and pieces like flavours and extra medications like vitamin C, or melatonin for insomnia. In my opinion, unless you have a full on massive sleeping problem, you don’t need these extra bit’s and pieces as CBD works to help create homeostasis, and will help with things anyway.


CBD Full Spectrum – This is when a lot of care is taken in processing the Hemp in not damaging all the other cannabindols! As mentioned greater education with the power of the internet has led to more people becoming comfortable with the idea of using CBD oil. As such, it is becoming harder for pharmaceutical companies to instill fear about its use. Manufacturers may see this as a loss of control, which is another reason they become worried as a multi compound substance with over 100 and more compounds is very difficult or simply can’t be patented.


Full Spectrum CBD, with all the cannabidiols, Terpens and Flavonoids also have the power to create what is known in the industry as the ‘Entourage Effect’ were all the compounds are working together to enhance and make the Oil work better and more effectively. See ‘What’s in Hemp Oil, The Entourage Effect’.

The Truth About CBD and Corona Virus

Why Does CBD Hemp Oil Work?


This comes back to the Human Endocannabinoid System, This is our internal neurotransmitter communication system. Sounds complex doesn’t it? Well the basic way of explaining it is that it is how all our cells communicate with each other to provide homeostasis, or balance. Bringing you body back to balance!


You may think you are already balanced but do you sleep well? Do you have Glaucoma or Epilepsy? Have high blood pressure, Or are you even constantly depressed? The list goes on.


The Endocannabinoid System ExplainedOur System, MAKES THEM OURSELVES! Yes, it’s amazing when I learned that, not many people know, it’s all about the ‘Human Endocannabinold System’ These days a lot of peoples systems have become depleted of cannabidiols, due to stress, diet and other issues.


Problems start occurring when our system is under stress, isn’t producing, or is deficient and is not providing enough of the internal Cannabidiols our system needs, to keep the body in balance. When there is a deficiency stimulants that contain Cannabidiols like full spectrum hemp oil can come into effect, to help boost and stimulate the production and functioning of our own internal cannabinoid system. The receptors will then be stimulated.


Stimulation with CBD will help us start producing more ourselves and thus the cells and corresponding organs will regain balance (Homeostasis) and be able to function properly again, this balance will help to eliminate any negative and bad cells and energize cells to full working potential again.


Proven Result With Hemp Oil For SeizuresSome people feel the energizing effect with the cells in their body being able to communicate with each other more efficiently and effectively within a day or two of adding extra cannabiniods into our depleted systems.


I know with my Epilepsy, I get twitching body parts, then I put a couple of drops under my tongue and the twitching goes away within an hour or so. At night it’s the last thing before bed and it’s like a beautiful sleeping medication sleeping like a log all night long.


Conclusion – & FREE REPORT


Did you know, In many cases, pharmaceutical drugs tend to mask symptoms rather than addressing the root cause of the problem. Hemp CBD on the other hand can actually help eliminate the root cause of many issues making it huge threat to the pharmaceutical industry. All because of the Endocannabinoid System and homeostasis, providing balance in you life again.


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Thanks for reading please leave a comment below. Click here for a FREE researched report on ‘How Cannabis Works in the Human Body and the Immune System‘  Or to get the Best Full Spectrum CBD’s in the industry now click HERE: Enjoy.

Stay Safe, to your Health & Well-being.


Whats is in Hemp Oil?

What’s all the Buzz about CBD Oil.

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