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what is cbd oil or hemp

Here I am, the man in the Video. In the video I am talking with Tarryn one of the Founders of the Hempress company.


I explain how after starting on the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil, I had not had any Epileptic Seizures for 62 days. Where I had been having them every 2 to 3 weeks! So are there benefits in the hemp oil and seizures? I am excited.


One thing that I want to say as well is that the day I met Tarryn at the Lifestyle and Allergy Expo in Christchurch, I brought a couple of 30ml bottles.


A 30lm Bottle lasted over 62 days which was pretty cool too. (Plus I even shared a bit with an uncle with Glaucoma (His fogged eyes went away) and a friend who has sleeping problems to show them how good it is.)


The Human Endocannabinoid system explains it all and WHY this sort of stuff is so beneficial. All the information is there for you plus more! Unlock Your Hemp Rewards.


I want to help YOU and others because it has helped me. Plus I know of others it has helped too.



This site is to help anyone that is looking for alternative epilepsy seizure treatment.


PLUS it is great for a whole range of other things too, even if you just want to sleep better. This is just my testimonial, of what it done for me, who knows what it can do for you? I’m not a doctor.


The interesting thing is that everyone knows and has known for a long time that cannabis is good for Epilepsy but it hasn’t been used. I am here to shed some light on the POWER of HEMP, onto the topic and help open some unlocked minds into the world of “Does Cannabis help Epilepsy?


I know we have been led away from cannabis for 3 generations, now everyone thinks it’s no good. Scared of the ‘Pointy Green Leaf.’ Now we have to go through the whole process of accepting it a Real and Powerful, ancient herb that can enhance our lives, without the THC side of it impacting us.


There are more testimonials available for you, descriptions of the human endocannaboinidal system, and more research into Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil available at so many places, with reviews available at What Is The Best Full Spectrum CBD.


More information will be added on a regular basis, stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for reading. Find the BEST Full Spectrum CBD Oil Here:


To Your health and well being.



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