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Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Extract, The Best In New Zealand!

what about cbd oilI discovered full spectrum Hemp Oil and my Epileptic Seizures STOPPED! That was it, no more. I had a good understanding it would so I brought two bottles straight away, once I knew that it had all the right ingredients. It’s what CBD Oil is good for and Epileptics have known it works for years! It was great discovering you could actually be able to get it at the expo. To all my Friends in New Zealand. Taking the step to try something new for the first time or taking the risk to spend some money on something you don’t know much about or haven’t tried can be a daunting challenge. This can be a set back or even prevent people from purchasing hemp oil for the first time. Which is a shame because a lot of people simply do not understand the potential benefits available.


Then if you never try you will simply miss out. People are only just starting to discover the facts of our own human endocannabionod system and how our system actually produces our own cannabinoids to create balance, known as “homeostasis,” within our bodies. (See my recent article on “The Endocannabinoid System Explained” for further info, which includes an informative doctors video and more!)

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Discoveing The Best With A “Seizure!”


I discovered “the Best in New Zealand” when I went to the annual Health and Lifestyle Expo in Christchurch. I had a good talk to the people at the stand and immediately brought two bottles. I knew it was going to WORK! These guys were giving out free samples at the time as well on a mission to teach people about the huge benefits of the endocannabinoid system. (which they still do today, travelling around the country!) Five minutes later I collapsed, fainting, having one of my full on SEIZURES! Waking up with security guards around me, in my usual upset mood wondering what had happened. The lady from the Hemp store also there in a state of shock, she was the one who had called the ambulance!


What does Full Spectrum Cold Pressed, Hemp Seed Oil Actually Mean?Why did I have a Seizure? Well I was going through my “Seizure Clusters” at the time. I had just had been having seizures for 4 days in a row starting from Thursday through to Sunday, One was even at the Palms shopping center where I woke up with Security Guards. It’s a good thing they didn’t call the ambulance, because I know know it cost’s me $90 for an Ambulance call out. Something which I don’t even need. (When I have a seizure I faint, then wake up not knowing where or who I am for 3 to 10 minutes. Like a mindless Zombie! So nothing like violent shaking, frothing or biting of tongue.) Now since that day, the day I discovered the full spectrum hemp seed oil, my seizures have GONE! VANISHED!


The Key Is The Phyto-Flour.


I dived in, took the risk and brought not one, but TWO bottles of the Full Spectrum Hemp Oil at The Expo on that day, because it was explained to me very well exactly what it is plus after a few years of thinking about this I knew that this is what I needed and lacking. I knew it was the thing that WOULD WORK! This product, however is not a CBD Isolate, at the time they were also suggesting it was for pets, but “suitable for human consumption.”


 What does Full spectrum Hemp seed Oil actually meanThe key to the Hempress product in NZ is the hemp oil is enriched with their special proprietary hemp phyto-flour. This “phyto-flour” contains ALL the full range of all the cannabinoids from the Hemp plant, which contains over 100 different types of cannabinoids.


Not only that because of this ‘full Spectrum’ range of cannabinoids an entourage effect is created when consumed that will enhance the effects and boost efficiency even more. The entourage effect, because of it’s high efficiency is known to be stronger and better with all of it’s compounds working together rather than an isolate which has had its other compounds taken away.


Help From The Medical System Failed.


New Zealand is going through a Revolution in Hemp and Marijuana industry at the moment. Even though because of their THC and CBD levels Hemp and Marijuana are two different types of plant, unfortunately they will always be linked with their pointy green leaf. But they are different, Hemp simply doesn’t have all that THC.


Because of what is happening in NZ and where Hemp and NZ are at the moment it can be difficult to get hold of a CBD isolate, Doctors are resistant, have not been trained or updated and simply not allowed to do anything. Doctors and people do not understand the benefits of what can be done. Plus simply put, people are also resistant to change. I recently put a Doctor to the test to see if I could get a prescription for CBD. I brought my recent prescription, Epilium, Tegretol & Topamax. Explained in detail to him my situation. A very difficult task with all that I have been through, anyone that knows me will know that and It has taken me 6 to 8 weeks to build up the courage to go and see this recommended doctor, hoping he might be able to help and I explained what I think & how hemp oil will benefit and has in fact been beneficial.


Completely closed off and that was it he didn’t want to know or listen, or believe any further. I tried explaining that I would have to see a Neurologist. But that was still it nothing! However, I told him the waiting time to see a Neurologist in NZ is 18 Months, he didn’t believe that either. I’ve already been waiting for 6 months. I’m not going to have seizure’s for 18 months waiting to see a Neurologist, when I know there is something that works now. I wasn’t even able to get to the stage where I could tell the doctor other things. Everyone who has Epilepsy has known for years about products similar to this and the fact is it is possibly helpful to all sorts of conditions even things like Multiple Sclerosis, Glaucoma, psoriasis and “Eczema!”


Older Generations Have Been Conditioned.


Our older generation and people have had their minds trained and conditioned to think that the pharmaceutical and doctors way is it! They have switched off, like the Doctors and that it! Under control of the Pharmaceutical companies, listen to your Doctor there is no alternative, if you are told you are going to die, that’s it you’re dead! Like I said, resistant to change and under control of the pharmaceutical system.


But there are so, so many success stories of people who, by thinking outside the box, opening their minds and being willing to see that there are in fact possibilities, alternatives. People achieving and becoming successful. You can live, you can survive, grow and become stronger and better. People do it! Yes you can, you will if you are willing to take the risk, try an alternative, put your imagination to work and even let you mind come up with a solution for YOU!


If it didn’t work oh well at least you tried, gave it a go. If you are sitting there day after day taking the same old medication, giving you side effects, making you hungry, depressed or sad, or not even working, maybe there is an alternative. Will something like this work? Who knows, I don’t? But It could be worth giving a go, if it works then GREAT! I do know it’s working for me though, that’s for sure. That’s why I’m writhing this and loving it.


Are You Willing To Take The Risk?


Are you interested in change? Becoming better, feeling better?  I have been learning about the endocannabinoid system, since I discovered the full spectrum hemp seed oil. Now I sleep better, eat better, stress is gone.  I’m even more keen on learning and developing, which is great. Since starting on the product I have even been able to enjoy a couple of social drinks on an occasion, (Something I had to give up in 2005 because it was a trigger for my epilepsy.) I put on my dancing shoes for the first time in years the other night went out and had FUN.  And of course No Epileptic SEIZURES! Who want’s to go dancing?


What does Full Spectrum Cold Pressed, Hemp Seed Oil Actually Mean?

Hempress is a legal supplement that is available now because it’s NOT considered a CBD isolate, they will have it to your door within a couple of days. This is where you can purchase hemp oil The all natural hemp oil, The Best in New Zealand. Full Spectrum Hemp Seed Oil Extract.


Thanks for reading. To you health and well being.


(To find out more on the Entourage Effect and enter to get a $5 discount at NZ Hempress Click Here: or on the Image:)


  1. Thank you Jeremy, it was a pleasure to meet you at the mall today. I really appreciate your story and look forward to CBD being more accessible in NZ.

    1. Pam! Sorry about the late reply, Thanks heaps for the comment. I usually check my comments and reply within 24 hours. Yes it was great to meet you and your husband, it was great to have a chat. it’s great you had a look at the site. The NZ product has done some great things in my life, I have been able to remove over half of my perscription epileptic medication now, it wasn’t even working anyway. The big key is how CBD creates homeostasis which is basically giving your body the ability to heal itself! This is activating the endocannabinoid system, with CBC, see the article here. The endocannabinoid system explained. Thanks Pam

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