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Everywhere you go there’s CBD

What Is In Hemp Oil? The HEMP Entourage Effect!Everywhere you go someone is trying to sell you CBD or Hemp Oil, but what sort of CBD Hemp oil should you buy, what’s CBD Oil? What’s in it? How does it even work? Even what is the best CBD Oil to buy? There are so many companies out there now marketing the products how do you even know which are the good ones and who are the bad ones.


With a mostly unregulated industry some companies are cutting corners, being careless and not investing in third party testing. Creating cheap, questionable products.


what about cbd oilOther companies can be outright deceptive and misleading with false or misleading labels and advertising, making false claims about the actual products the final product or even the efficacy of the product itself.


Created To Find Out & Review – Unlock


Unlock Your Hemp Rewards was created to Review products, companies, Hemp and CBD. To find out more and to research. This is because I have Epilepsy. When I discovered and started using a good Hemp product, my seizures simply stopped when the pharmaceutical medication I was taking wouldn’t work for a long time. I was taking 3 anti epileptic medications and have now halved them.


what is cbd oil aboutThe 3 medications are Tegretol (Carbamezepine), Epilim (Sodium Valporate) and Topamax (Topirmate) I have chopped and changed trying all sorts of medications but nothing seemed to work for me, until Hemp was discovered and it has done more for me than just stop my seizures!



I still take half the amount as I am under medical supervision because I don’t want the seizures to come back. (At the time of my seizures I was actually having seizures in clusters every 3 weeks.)


What You Have To Consider.


When looking into a Company or Supplier of a CBD oil you have to look into several things like:


  • Their willingness to share their information. Do they provide 3rd party testing information? And/or are they members of organizations that oversee what they are doing, keeping an eye on them?


  • What ingredients do they use? What is actually in the CBD Its self? A lot of companies use MCT oil a refined coconut oil as a carrier oil. These days companies are popping up with all sorts of other ingredients, putting what’s called a “filler” into the products, so how much room is left for the actual CBD and Hemp itself?


  • How Fresh is their products and where do they source the products from?


  • Plus do you want a full spectrum CBD or an isolate, there is a big, big difference as there is over 110 cannabinoids in the Hemp plant and when used all together they can create what’s known as the entourage effect, which can boost the effectiveness and power of the products as well.


  • Also, How the Product is made is important. The processing methods? The main method is usually a super critical Carbon dioxide method and cold pressing but there are cheaper methods using solvents that can damage the CBD components as well.


Customer Service & Price


where to buy cbd oil inThen of course how good is their customer service? If the company that you are buying from doesn’t look after you. You aren’t going to be very happy are you? Which also comes down to pricing, so you don’t want to be overcharged and you don’t want to pay too much.


So there is a lot to be considered when researching and reviewing a company, supplier and Hemp/CBD product. However,….


The Tip Of The Iceberg


All this is really just the tip of the iceberg, when you start researching and reviewing CBD, Hemp, products, companies and suppliers. Because Hemp itself is pretty amazing and has the potential to do some miraculous things if used correctly. So come on in and discover how you can…..


Unlock Your Hemp Rewards.


Thanks for reading, feel free to comment below. To your health and well-being.



Whats is in Hemp Oil?what about cbd oil







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  1. I have to agree with you on this Jeremy; it is becoming more and more popular. What I find interesting is that it still isn’t sold everywhere. We know the health benefits. What is stopping governments from legalizing it?

    1. Thanks Catherine, I think governments want to test it like crazy and totally break it down to make sure nothing can go wrong, set up their regulations, with the fact that the pharmaceutical industry has such a tight hold on everything including the doctors as well. With the pharmaceutical industry wanting to find a way to profit. It’s crazy because it’s been working for epilepsy for a long time and it’s the last thing they go to after every medication has been tested and doesn’t work, why not use the one that does work to start with? But they should just listen to what everyone is saying, notice that it’s working and Legalize it.

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