Best Muscle Growth Supplements CBD

Best Muscle Growth Supplements CBD

Hemp Cannabidiol, the main active ingredient in CBD, is becoming more and more known now for all its potentials and properties. People are starting to put CBD to use as a body builder supplement for muscle growth and recovery. Elite athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, people who want and like to work out and train hard. Fitness junkies and people keeping fit are all discovering and realizing that one of the Best muscle growth supplements is also CBD, Hemp Oil. There is even CBD in weight loss potentials as well. Plus the potential to have your Testosterone controlled better.


Best Muscle Growth SupplementsBest Muscle Growth Supplements

Although there is still not enough research and actual proof in the CBD industry as it is still early days. But people are still discovering some of the benefits that could help with muscle growth.


Weight Management


CBD and Hemp Oil also has a potential role in metabolism and body weight regulation by stimulating genes and proteins that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat, increasing the number and activity of mitochondria, (because of Hemp’s Endocannabinoidol system activating power, charging the cells to communicate.)


This increases the body’s ability to burn calories, decreasing the expression of proteins involved in lipogenesis (fat cell generation) and helps induce fat browning where the body burns fat for fuel.* (Inducing “Browning” wasn’t mistaken for burning.)


CBD for Muscle RecoveryA market for Hemp protein powder has also developed which is another topic, a food supplement, entirely separate to the CBD, Cannabidiol market. In this article I will stick to Cannabidiol, CBD Hemp Oil for muscles.



Less Cortisol = More Testosterone


CBD Isolate for StressA recent article went into the details of Stress and how CBD can then help regulate the Cortisol Hormone. Most people have heard of Cortisol now, as it is the major Stress hormone, released by the body under stressful situations. Too much Cortisol and miss management can lead to damage in your system.


This is why some people need to take pharmaceutical medications to control their Cortisol, keeping their stress under control. Not only that, too much Cortisol also reduces protein synthesis, so that’s not good for muscle development at all!


Less Cortisol means more Testosterone. Yes Testosterone is the male sex hormone, for sex drive. But it is also linked to muscle mass and bone density. Your levels of Testosterone can also affect your mood, create self-depression, you could lose hair and your sex drive. Low Testosterone can cause you to gain weight and give you less energy, so having these sort of hormones in good balance is a good idea.


what about cbd oilWomen produce Testosterone too. It is a hormone that is produced in both men and woman. Produced in the testicles in men and the ovaries in Woman, although its a smaller amount for Women.


“Less Cortisol = More Testosterone?” simply because reports have shown that when your stress goes up, more Cortisol is produced, some to the extent that is causes impotence. So we all need more Testosterone Right? We just don’t want to be down, in Testosterone!


The big bonus is with the power of Hemp Oil, CBD, is that this can all be done without the horrible pharmaceutical medication with side effects. You don’t need steroids or any of that junk.


So what are your thoughts? Do you have any questions or comments, please leave below, there is still more benefits apart from less Cortisol though….

Best Muscle Growth Supplements CBD


Because CBD helps to activate that endocannabinoid system to regulate the Cortisol hormone. Helping us produce more of all the good things that are naturally occurring, by regulating the body better.


Anti-Inflammatory & Sleep Quality


Even though we are still in the early days in the world of CBD research reports have shown that CBD Hemp Oil have Anti-Inflammatory benefits. It’s why a lot of people have been reaching out for CBD for Pain relief, back pain and so on.


Rigorous WorkoutDoing your rigorous workouts. Hard weight lifting sessions, cardio workouts, etc, can be very stressful on the body as well.


Therefore, having CBD that helps to reduce inflammation will improve muscle recovery. The faster you recover, the sooner you can workout again and push yourself to train harder again and build more muscle mass. That makes sense doesn’t it?


Another area that CBD has been showing potential results is insomnia and Sleep quality. Helping to reduce Cortisol is going to be one helpful factor of course. To aid in muscle recovery you are going to need a good nights sleep, if you have had a good workout, your muscles are going to need this time to repair.


Muscles go through their recovery building phase and a good nights sleep is just going to be essential. Do you like your sleep and think it’s improtant? What do you think? If you have any thoughts please leave a comment below.


So, How Does CBD do this for you?

What CBD Oil Is Good For

How CBD Creates Homeostasis


Homeostasis refers to stability, balance, or equilibrium within a cell or the body. I like to simply call it balance. CBD Creates balance by activation of the human endocannabioid system.


It gives the bodies cells the ability to actively communicate more efficiently with each other a lot better.


what about cbd oilThat is the very basics behind it. I know it has changed my life. I like to workout. I have epilepsy, no pharmaceuticals would work properly until I discovered a good CBD Hemp Oil. It has helped to activate my endocannabinoid system, create balance and now I sleep better. No Stress, feel great and NO SEIZURES. (I was having multi seizures every 3 weeks or so.)


Every one has the endocannabinoid system, it was first discovered through research in the 90s. Our bodies produce our own cannabinoids to help the cells communicate with each other. The system is composed of natural cannabinoid receptors – specifically there are two known primary receptors – CB1 & CB2.



They are located in the membranes of various cell types, and when they’re activated, they can “stimulate” cells to carry out hundreds or thousands of different responses, as if a complete signaling system has been set up. One of the main goals being to provide balance! Known as homeostasis.


what about cbd oilThe endocannabinoid system has four main functions including:

  • Stress relief,
  • Neuroprotection,
  • Immune response
  • Hormone Regulation
  • Regulating the body’s overall state of balance which involve things like digestion, reproduction, appetite and pain.


All this happening, don’t you think it would be one of the Best Muscle Growth Supplements? Leave your thoughts in the comments below?



Conclusion – BE Careful!


CBD is also known as a natural way to relax and lower anxiety through the activation of the endocannabinoid system. The System has factors which boost the power of Hemp CBD to help you with sleep its anti-inflammatory properties. Reducing Cortisol which helps to bring your Testosterone levels up.


CBD ActivatesAll these factors help contribute to how it can be one of the Best Muscle Growth Supplements.


BE Careful! When using CBD you don’t need very much, you have to look into and do a little research into how much you should use. Too much and you are simply over doing it and it will not have the effects you are looking for and you will be wasting your money.


Too much, wasting money and it’s effect is very important and has to be made very clear. There is also different typed of oils you can buy with different carrier oils, they type of oil that the CBD oil is held in.


You will find articles here in Unlock Your Hemp Rewards explaining all the differences on sourcing a right company, the right oil and so on.


I am a big supporter of Full spectrum oil for the entourage effect, because Hemp has over 110 Cannabinoids, if you isolate it to just the single one CBD. You do not get the others working synergistically together to maximize the potential benefit on the body from all those compounds.


Thank you for reading I hope you gained come beneficial value from todays topic, any questions or comments please leave below.


To see a review and list of some great full spectrum Hemp CBD Oils, Click here.


To your health and Well-being, Keep building muscle.



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– Thomas DeLauer


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