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About Jeremy & Unlocking YOUR Hemp Rewards!

Hello & Welcome to “Unlock YOUR Hemp Rewards!”  I’m Jeremy, the founder & I put this website together because I want to Help YOU! Help you to Unlock YOUR Hemp Rewards, discover the power and miracle behind Hemp CBD oil.

I have Epilepsy and because of my condition I have gone though some pretty interesting tough times. Times with prescription medication, times where Epileptic seizures have disrupted my life and how the condition has completely upset and changed my life in some areas.

HAPPY & Seizure FREE!

However what do you think of Hemp? What do You Know about Hemp? Did you know that every human has an Endocannabinoid system? Do you even know what an Endocannabinoid system is? Well read on there is so much to learn and your health, well-being and happiness can be transformed, just like mine was, because it doesn’t just help Epileptics, this has the potential to help YOU too with all sorts of things……..


In 2002, I discovered I had Epilepsy. It freaked me out so much I quit my job in Australia and took off to Europe for a year. I didn’t want to deal with it and couldn’t believe it. Why Me? I finally came to terms with it at the Oktoberfest in Germany 2005. (I actually stressed out about it until 2004 before I took off to Europe.) Discovering that my system & seizures were triggered by certain things and coming to terms with the fact that epilepsy doesn’t like certain things, alcohol was one of them. So I quit drinking too.
What does Full spectrum Hemp Oil meanUp until March 2015 I had a huge amount of faith in the medication I was taking, but my Epileptic medication Stopped working, I had a horrible accident, that put me and others through some really bad times, loosing a lot of money and time. I lost pretty much everything I worked for over the last 10-15 years in Australia. Then the bad times with Epilepsy continued from then on & nothing would work, suffering seizures every 2 to 3 weeks from 2015 on wards. Passing out, then disappearing for a while into an Epileptic state, becoming like a Zombie, not knowing where I was or what I was doing for prolonged times, was the typical seizure. (As all epilepsy effects people differently)

On 13th of October 2019 a Miracle Happened!

I discovered the Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil enriched with their special proprietary hemp phyto-flour (for the cannabinoids) & I haven’t had a seizure since. So I’m going to tell everyone. I Want to HELP YOU.


Everyone seems scared or skeptical of the pointy green leaf, HEMP. We have been conditioned by our governments for years that it is illegal, bad for you and simply no good. However times are changing. Health is changing and I want to help spread the word of Cold Pressed Hemp CBD Oil as it has changed my life dramatically. Going from having seizures every 2-3 weeks to nothing is great when I’ve been battling with it since 2015. I have seen results in others too. I’ve given it to my Uncle with Glaucoma and his hazy eyes have cleared up, a friend who couldn’t sleep is sleeping well and loving it! And MORE…. The POTENTIAL IS HUGE!

Doctors in New Zealand were using it as a prescription drug up until 1967 according to details on NZ Wikipedia. Then it was banned as a narcotic by the government. (The 1937 Marijuana tax and restrictions began even earlier in the United States.) However, to be classified as “Hemp”, the cannabis strains have to have less than 0.3% THC content. So that makes Hemp more than 66 times weaker than Marijuana on the THC scale. You wouldn’t even be able to smoke a whole field and it still wouldn’t get you high!

Therefore although the two plants are related, hemp products contain only trace levels of THC and will not cause a psychoactive effect.

Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, Buy CBD Oil nowNow I have discovered the Enriched, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil, life is great. My seizures are gone. I sleep well every night and I’m happy and stress free. Life is great. (Yes it also reduces stress too!) I could go on and on. The stuff is amazing, Have a look, Unlock YOUR Green Web. Restore Your Vitality, that missing piece of the puzzle that will fix what is missing. More information is available Here now.



The purpose and Goal of my website is simply to help YOU and others understand the Potential of the FULL Spectrum Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, Because if I don’t you’re simply missing out. However remember, this is NOT Marijuana, Hemp doesn’t get you stoned, there is no THC, the psychoactive compound. Full spectrum, cold pressed simply means that it’s been squeezed out real hard and hasn’t gone through the damaging heating and separating of the cannabinoids, the methods that they use to put it into coconut oil. Not only that “Full Spectrum” means there is more that one Cannabinoid in Hemp and they all work in harmony to create the entourage effect. There is so much to learn, to get some and/or to learn more, click here.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. Unlock YOUR Hemp Rewards, to a Happier, Healthier, Brighter, Stress Free, LIFE….

To health and happiness,

Hemp Oil For SeizuresAll the best, From.

Jeremy 🙂

Unlock YOUR Hemp Rewards


  1. Hi Jeremy! I am here because Jay review your website in the Hot Seat. I love that you have found such amazing relief from your seizures! Life changing!
    I need to do more research of this product. My niche is natural pain remedies, and I haven’t really exposed myself to this product. I shall bookmark your site.
    Best to you,

    1. Hi Barbara, thanks for your comment. I always call it Hemp Oil, but it does have CBD in it, it’s just full spectrum. The oils has the power of activating the endocannabinioid system. I go into detail about this in an article, triggering the cells into communicate better to restore homeostasis, balance.
      This is why it has possibilities with things like pain relief, stress (cortisol) and so much more People are scared of the pointy green leaf in association with marijuana and laws but they don’t need to be, Hemp is healing and helpful.

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